Reservation Policies

My wife and I thank you for selecting Anne’s Windy Poplars Cottage Resort as your Cavendish, Prince Edward Island vacation destination.

The cleanliness of our cottages and quality of service is something we try hard to maintain. We look forward to welcoming both new and returning guests to our facility.

For all nights except the Cavendish Music Festival week, Anne’s Windy Poplars requires a $400.00 advance deposit per cottage at time of booking unless other arrangements have been made. This applies to stays of 3 nights or longer. For less than 3 nights or packages, the deposit is $300.00.

Our check-in registration hours are from 3:30 pm until 10:00 pm. Please advise if you expect to arrive outside of these hours so we can make arrangements for your arrival. We look forward to having you visit with us.

Cancellation or Early Departure
For all bookings other than the Cavendish Music Festival (week of July 3-11, 2019), should you cancel your reservation, as long as 30 days notification is received, your advance deposit is refunded minus a $25.00 credit card processing fee. If you depart early there is no refund to your confirmed rate.

Policy on National Park Passes
Due to a recent change on policy by Parks Canada, we will only provide the National Park Pass for 5 – 7 night stays, July 1 to August 31, 2019 (Cavendish Beach Music Festival and packages excluded).

Under Prince Edward Island regulations, we are required to have a list of names of everyone staying in the cottages.

Please note: We have a maximum number of people per cottage depending on the cottage size. For pricing, all cottages with exception of the suite and house are based on up to 4 people. The price of the suite is based on 2 people and for the 5 bedroom (8 beds) house the price is based on up to 10 people. There is a $10.00 per person per night for extra people. Except for the Cavendish Beach Festival, the maximum allowable occupancy in a 2 bedroom cottage is 6 people and in a 3 bedroom, 8 people. Maximum allowable in the suite is 2 and in the house is 10 people.

Anne’s Windy Poplars will take reservations one year in advance. During the first week in January of the booking year, we will reconfirm with the party and request an advance deposit of $400.00 per cottage to confirm the reservation.Some conditions may apply.

Minimum Stay
Anne’s Windy Poplars has a minimum advance booking stay of 2 nights and 3 nights during July and August except for the Cavendish Beach Music Festival.

No Pets Please
Anne’s Windy Poplars has a no pet policy for guests and visitors. Bringing a pet into a cottage will result in a $200.00 cleaning fee.

No Smoking Please
There is a no smoking policy in the cottages. Smoking of any product in a cottage will result in a two hundred ($200.00) cleaning charge.

At Anne’s Windy Poplars all non-registered visitors must register at the office and depart by 9:00 pm.

Each cottage is allowed a maximum of 2 vehicles. The suite is allowed one vehicle and the house 3 vehicles. We have available on-site parking for visitors.
We do not allow tents or trailers to be parked on site.

Cavendish Beach Music Festival Reservation Policies
Reservations for the July 2019 Cavendish Beach Music Festival will not be taken until November, 2018.

Minimum Stay
For the week of the Cavendish Beach Music Festival we require a minimum 5 night stay for most cottages, except for executive cottages with hot tubs and the 5 bedroom house, which require a minimum of 7 nights stay.

Deposit, Early Departure and Cancellation
For the week of the Cavendish Beach Music Festival, there will be $500.00 non-refundable advance deposit at the time of booking, another non-refundable advance deposit of $500.00 April 1, both of which will be applied to your final payment when you check-in. There will be no nightly refunds for early departures during the Festival week. All guests booking for the week will be charged in full for each night reserved. All Cavendish Beach Music Festival reservations will have this advance deposit, check-in and check-out payment and cancellation policy applied. During the Cavendish Beach Music Festival maximum allowable occupancy in a 2 bedroom cottage is 4, in a 3 bedroom cottage is 6, in the house is 10 and the suite is 2. Bracelets will be required by all registered guests. No visitors allowed during Cavendish Beach Music Festival.

At Anne’s Windy Poplars, we try hard to guarantee our guests will have an enjoyable vacation experience. It is the purpose of this policy to help guarantee this vacation experience.

Cavendish, Prince Edward Island